Dynamic Mapping Task in Informatica IICS

Last Updated: 12 December 2023

By: Nataraj Virupaksham (Raj)

Dynamic Mapping Task:

  1. Use a dynamic mapping task to create and batch multiple jobs based on the same mapping. That means you can create a Fully parameterized generic mapping and reuse the same in a Dynamic task to Read the data and load it to different tables.
  2. Consider an Example, I have 3 source tables and need to generate 3 Stage tables at run time, Or load the data to 3 stage tables using Truncate load like the one below.
  3. Instead of Creating 3 mappings, 3 MCTs in IICS,
    Just create a Single Fully parameterized generic mapping, And Create 3 Jobs and 3 groups Give the Source, Target Connections, and Table Details at the MCT level and Run the Job. The Data from all the 3 tables will be loaded to the corresponding 3 stage tables.
  4. The Fully parameterized generic mapping looks like below with Src_conn , Stg_conn ,Src_table , Stg_table created as input parameters.
  5. In the MCT level, we have mainly Two sections – Parameters and Jobs Section. Parameters at the MCT level look like below. I have given Parameter Scope as Default for the source
    and Target Connections and Local for Source and Target Objects
  6. Under Jobs Section In MCT, Create 3 jobs, and 3 corresponding groups.
    Assign the all the required parameter for Each Source and Stage Table as shown below.
  7. You can select the settings for each Connection or object by clicking the settings option as highlighted in yellow below.
  8. When you click the settings windows, it will show the option for each individual connection, or object as below.

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