Informatica Cloud IICS Interview Questions Set-01

What is the difference between Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud?

  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a cloud-based Integration platform(iPaaS).
  • IICS helps you integrate, synchronize all data and applications residing on your on-premise and cloud environments.
  • It provides similar functionality as PowerCenter in a better way and can be accessed via the internet. Hence in IICS, there is no need to install any client applications on the personal computer or server.
  • All the supported applications can be accessed from the browser and the tasks can be developed through browser UI.

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Define Informatica Cloud or IICS?

Informatica Cloud is an ETL and Integration platform providing a web interface to web developers to access administrators and monitor the tasks by using that web interface. It helps the developers build the solutions that perform the ETL processes between the cloud and on-site solution.

IICS is a cloud-based data integration and management platform. It enables organizations to securely access their data assets. It also allows them to efficiently integrate and manage their data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

What are the critical features Informatica Cloud (IICS)?

IICS has many features. It can help you integrate data in the cloud. You can also integrate applications and ensure data quality. It allows you to govern and manage your data. Overall, it provides a unified platform for organizations to handle data across various systems and applications.

What is the primary purpose of the Informatica Cloud?

The primary purpose of the Informatica cloud is to resolve the data integration problem that takes place when we have to move the data from the legacy architecture to the cloud-based architecture. Through the Informatica cloud, we can resolve the issue of handling fragmented data inside and outside the firewall.

What are the benefits of using IICS?

IICS has many advantages. It is easy to use. It can scale up as needed. It provides strong security. It is also flexible to meet different requirements. With IICS, organisations can lower costs for data integration and management. It enhances data quality, and accuracy. It enables better decision-making by giving timely access to important data.

What is the difference between IICS and other data integration platforms?

IICS is a cloud-based platform for integrating and managing data. It offers a unified solution to connect and control data across systems and applications. Unlike older platforms, IICS is built on a modern cloud-native architecture. That makes it flexible and agile to meet evolving business requirements with ease.

Explain the Runtime Environment in IICS?

A Runtime environment is the execution platform that runs a data integration or application integration tasks. You must have at least one runtime environment setup to run tasks in your organization. Basically, it is the sever upon which your data gets staged while processing. You can choose either to process via the Informatica servers or your local servers which stays behind your firewall. Informatica supports following runtime environments- Informatica Cloud Hosted Agent, Serverless runtime environment and Informatica Cloud Secure Agent.

What is Informatica Cloud Secure Agent?

Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a light weight, self-upgrading program that you need to install in your server and register it with Informatica Cloud repository using the unique registration code provided for your organization account. It runs all tasks and enables secure communication across the firewall between your organization and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

A cloud data integration agent is a small program installed on a local server or virtual machine. It helps connect to on-premises data sources securely. It supports data integration tasks and ensures smooth communication between cloud and on-premises systems.

What are Secure Agent Groups?

By default, after you install and register an Informatica Cloud Secure Agent, a Secure Agent Group is created and the installed Secure Agent is added under that group. All the secure agent groups created in the Org can viewed from the Runtime Environments page of Administrator Service.

You can either create a new secure agent group and add multiple secure agents under it or add new secure agents in the existing secure agent group.

What are the advantages of creating multiple secure agent groups?

To Prevent the activities of one department from affecting another department:

For example, if there are multiple teams working under a single IICS org, create separate Secure Agent groups for each department. So, the tasks run by one department will not be impacted by tasks run by another department.

Separate tasks by environment:

You can create different Secure Agent groups for test, acceptance and production environments. When you configure a connection, you can associate it with the test, acceptance or production database by choosing the appropriate Secure Agent group as the runtime environment.

What are the various categories of tasks available in IICS?

  • Mapping Task
  • Synchronization Task
  • Masking Task
  • Replication Task
  • PowerCenter Task
  • Dynamic Mapping Task
  • Data Trasnsfrer Task

What is a Mapping Task in Informatica Cloud IICS?

  • It is used to Create a mapping configuration Task on a IICS mapping which you have already created.
  • We have many options in MCT like Email Notifications, Schedule Details, Pre-Processing Commands, Post Processing commands, Download Parameter File and many more options.

Synchronization Task Interview questions:

What is a Synchronization Task in Informatica Cloud IICS?

  • The synchronization task allows us to synchronize the data between the source and the target to integrate applications, databases and files.
  • We can build a synchronization task from the IICS UI by choosing the Source and the target without using any transformations like in mappings.
  • Anyone without PowerCenter or IICS mapping and transformation knowledge can easily build synchronization tasks as UI guides you step by step.

What are the types of Task operations available in Synchronization Task in Informatica Cloud IICS?

Synchronization task will support Insert, update, Upsert (Update or Insert) and Delete Task operations. To use Update, Upsert or Delete operations, Target table must have a primary key.

What are the Source Types available in Synchronization Task in Informatica Cloud IICS?

Synchronization task will support Single Object, Multiple Objects and Saved Query.

Can we Create custom Relationships and User defined Joins in Synchronization Task?


Can we use Truncate Target in Synchronization Task?


Can we use Bulk load in Synchronization Task?


Can we Add Mapplets in Synchronization Task?


What are the types of transformation operations that Synchronization task supports?

We can use Filters, Expressions and lookups to transform the data according your business logic.

What are the Database types that Synchronization task supports?

Synchronization Task will allow Relational Databases (oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL), Flat file and Salesforce as Source and Target types.

What us Upsert operation in Synchronization Task ?

When you run a task with the Upsert task operation, Data Integration updates all rows in the target that also exist in the source and inserts all new source rows in to the target.

If a source field contains a NULL value and the corresponding target field contains a value, Data Integration retains the existing value in the target field.

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