PowerCenter Task in Informatica IICS

Last Updated: 12 December 2023

By: Nataraj Virupaksham (Raj)

PowerCenter Task

  1. We Use the PowerCenter task to run a PowerCenter session in IICS Data Integration.
  2. To run a PowerCenter session in Data Integration, you create a workflow for the session in the PowerCenter Workflow Manager. You create a PowerCenter task in IICS. When you configure the task, you upload the PowerCenter XML file that contains the workflow.
  3. If you want to make any changes to a session that is used in a PowerCenter task, you need to make the changes in PowerCenter. You can export the revised PowerCenter XML file and then edit the PowerCenter task to upload the updated XML file.
  4. Rules to follow while you use PowerCenter Task
    a) The PowerCenter XML file must only contain one workflow.
    b) The workflow must contain one Session task with one mapping.
    c) The workflow can not include task types other than Session tasks like command, email, etc.
    d) Do not edit the XML file after you’ve exported the workflow from PowerCenter. Instead, change the workflow in PowerCenter and then export it again.
    e) The session can use pre-session and post-session commands.
    f) The mapping must contain a source definition and target definition.
    g) The mapping cannot contain an IIF expression with values of different data types,
    such as the following IIF expressions:

    IIF (emplid_offset = 'Y', LINE_NO + 1, LINE_NO)

    h) The mapping cannot include reusable objects such as reusable transformations or
    shortcuts because Data Integration doesn’t use a repository like PowerCenter does, so reusable objects cannot be stored.

  5. PowerCenter task configuration:
    a) To create and configure a PowerCenter task, export the workflow from the PowerCenter Repository Manager to an XML file and then upload the XML file in to Data Integration.

    b) After you upload the file, map the uploaded connections to Data Integration connections.

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