Masking Task in Informatica IICS

Last Updated: 13 December 2023

By: Nataraj Virupaksham (Raj)

Masking Task:

  1. We use masking tasks to mask the sensitive fields in source data with realistic test data for nonproduction environments
  2. Masking Task will accept only source and target as Salesforce Connections only.
  3. When you configure a masking task, choose the source and target and then select a masking rule for each field in the source you want to mask. You can also use masking to mask the data in the same system from which the masking task reads the data.
  4. A data masking rule is a type of masking that you can apply to a selected field. You can select built-in rules for masking fields such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and dates.
  5. For example, you might need to test a Human Resources application. You can mask the fields in an employee table to create the test data.
  6. You can apply masking Techniques under Masking Tab in Masking Task.
  7. You can See the below screenshot after successful run of masking Task in salesforce.

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